What in the world?

Mar 19, 2018
Videos: Spring 2018

In recognition of TED2018 taking place in Vancouver from April 10-14, we’ve chosen three videos from past TED events in other cities that we think could inspire consumers to change the way they use energy.

Sep 25, 2017
Videos: Fall 2017

We’ve selected three fun, informative videos from around the world that show how monitoring our activities can reveal surprising information about what motivates our behaviour. Smartwatches may seem like mere novelty, but as this informative...

Feb 26, 2017
Videos: Spring 2017

B.C. isn’t the only place where the appetite for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing fast. Here are three videos that give you a taste of what other countries are doing to move EVs into the mainstream.

Oct 12, 2016
Videos: Fall 2016

Using technology to manage and monitor our homes extends beyond our borders. We have sourced three video campaigns that show how smart home technology can keep us connected.

Jun 24, 2016
Videos: Summer 2016

Conservation is a concern that extends far beyond our borders. We have sourced three outstanding international video campaigns with a common water-saving message: take a shorter shower. Muhammad Zulqamar’s strikingly operatic winning entry in ADB’s My View H20 contest tracks an Indonesian villager bathing using only a tiny cup of well...

Mar 1, 2016
Videos: Spring 2016

Energy conservation is a concern that extends far beyond our provincial borders. Check out these three campaigns from around the world that will change the way you think about your consumption. City lights, subways, street lights: this powerful video challenges viewers to contemplate the sources behind their daily energy use. youtu.be/n_waWSF4fb4 Do you...

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