Using technology to manage and monitor our homes extends beyond our borders. We have sourced three video campaigns that show how smart home technology can keep us connected.

United States

Samsung: “Life Like Never Before”

Samsung’s vision of a connected home is warm and sleek. Grocery-ordering fridges, self-adjusting thermostats and picture-in picture baby monitors have been woven into the daily lives of one young family.

United States

Cox Homelife: “Turn around”

You’re dashing to the airport. Did you leave the house unlocked? TV on? These days, you can remedy that with a swipe of your smartphone. But as this funny ad reminds, occasionally you’ll still need to turn the car around.

United States

Cicso Systems: “Pep talk”

Movie star Ewan McGregor channels his cheeky optimism into his “glass half full” ode to the marvels humanity has achieved via the “securely connected world,” from downloadable medicine and clean water to self-driving trucks.