TED Talks are known for inspiring people and helping them to make positive changes in their lives. In recognition of TED2018 taking place in Vancouver from April 10-14, we’ve chosen three videos from past TED events in other cities that we think could inspire consumers to change the way they use energy.


Changing people, not just products

Behavioural design expert Deena Rosen is passionate about using design to solve some of the planet’s biggest problems, including climate change. At TEDxUtrecht, Rosen talks about using design to get people to pay attention and make changes in their lives, in particular when it comes to energy consumption. If we all took small steps, such as turning off the lights each time we leave a room, Rosen says there would be “incredibly dramatic results” on global energy consumption. 


Energy efficiency can be affordable

At TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege in Olympia, Wash., homebuilder Scott Bergford discusses his 30-year career searching for the balance between energy efficiency and affordability. He says more consumers are realizing the value of making homes more energy efficient and discusses simple ways to make homes airtight and to improve ventilation. “People recognize the value of having an energy-efficient home, saving the earth and not spending all of your money on utility bills,” he says.


The Value of Energy Efficiency

At TEDxBoulder, architect James Brew discusses how big and small changes at home — from insulation and sealing cracks to installing energy-efficient appliances — can save you money and help the environment. He also encourages us to think more about how energy is sourced.