B.C. isn’t the only place where the appetite for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing fast. Here are three videos that give you a taste of what other countries are doing to move EVs into the mainstream.


Driving.ca: “Why Norway loves the electric car”

How infrastructure upgrades, tax breaks and incentives have made Norway the electric car capital of the world. And what Canada can do to follow.



Viktoria Swedish ICT: “Electric roads of the future tested in simulator”

Imagine a world where highways, parking lots and driveways supplied power to electric vehicles through induction plates below or via overhead wires. A vision of automatic, cordless charging.



Go Ultra Low: “Recording a song in an electric car”

One way electric cars are different is that they’re quiet, inside and out. This fun campaign enlisted a singer and her band to turn electric vehicles into mobile recording studios.


Bonus video