Using technology to measure and monitor our activities can reveal surprising information about what motivates our behaviour. These three videos show how all that intel can encourage us to make better decisions, whether it’s to reduce energy use or improve health.


Mashable Studios: The rise of the quantified self

Smartwatches may seem like mere novelty, but as this informative, playful report illuminates, they aren’t just counting our steps and monitoring our stress, they’re offering groundbreaking insights into how we as a species live and burn energy.



NatWest: Energy bills money-saving challenge

A disarmingly intimate look at conservation in practice, as one family spends the weekend keeping warm, fed and entertained without electricity, while viewers get fast facts about the positive financial and environmental impact even small household changes can make.



E.ON: Sweden’s largest energy-saving experiment

Motivation is connected to conservation. Energy company E.ON found an innovative way to inspire, via four novel consumption-tracking apps, including one pitting neighbour against neighbour in a conservation-off.


Bonus video

New Scientist: The quantified self