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Oct 7, 2016
Fall eco events

This fall lace up your shoes and run in The Great Climate Race (October 30) in Metro Vancouver—or anywhere! “Virtual” racers can participate in any location by tracking their run and sharing the results online. For ideas you can bring home drop by BC Hydro’s Smart Home, with products provided from...

Oct 1, 2016
Hydro-electric heritage: Jones Lake

The Fraser Valley is renowned for its farmland, but it’s not all cornfields and flat landscapes. In fact, the water surface of BC Hydro’s Jones Lake Reservoir, hidden between Chilliwack and Hope, sits 600 metres above the Fraser River. This backcountry recreation area also offers a glimpse of B.C.’s hydro-electric heritage. Framed by Mount Cheam, the reservoir stretches 6.4 kilometres, offering plenty of...

Jun 26, 2016
B.C.’s best: Strathcona Dam Reservoir

Our Smart Eating recipe will be all the more satisfying if you’ve caught the rainbow trout yourself. An ideal destination to do so is tranquil, picturesque Strathcona Dam. Completed in 1958 by the BC Power Commission (BC Hydro’s forerunner), Strathcona and two other dams comprise the Campbell River hydroelectric system, which...

Jun 20, 2016
Summer eco events

Summer festivals tend to have a strong association with nature; after all, most of them take place outside among the season’s gorgeous greenery. The Midnight Sun Festival (August 5-7 at Sun Peaks) presents a diverse program of visual art, food and wine, outdoor film screenings, and more, all of it promoting...

Jun 20, 2016
A tidy victory

Older-model dishwashers and clothes washers require substantial amounts of water and electricity to complete their tasks, no matter how small your loads or how short the cycles you select. Fortunately, recent technological advancements mean new-generation machines achieve comparable (or better!) results faster and more efficiently than the appliances of the...

Mar 1, 2016
B.C.’s best: Buntzen Lake

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and explore one of BC Hydro’s province-wide recreation areas, which have been developed to preserve the environment, balance energy needs and provide a scenic setting for everyone to enjoy. Buntzen Lake Reservoir, for example, is ideal for day-trippers of all abilities and...

Mar 1, 2016
Fresh air solution

Imagine your clothes could give you a real-time analysis of the surrounding environment—if your jacket told you how many hours of sun you should get each season, or your shorts showed you how to avoid the most polluted spots in your neighbourhood. TZOA bills itself as the next evolution of wearable...

Mar 1, 2016
Spring eco events

The fashion business can be innovative, visually astounding—and also one of the most damaging industries to our planet. The non-profit Vancouver Eco Fashion Week (April 9-14) aims to counter this by generating awareness of, and helping to develop, sustainable practices in clothing and textiles—all while showcasing the creativity of local...

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