Looking to save hot water and thus reduce your overall household energy usage? A low-flow shower head can help.  By definition, a shower head that uses 9.5 litres of water per minute (LPM) or less is considered low flow. However, if you want to save even more, look for the WaterSense® label (BC Ministry of Environment approved), which indicates a savings of 20% compared to standard models, using a maximum flow rate of 7.5 LPM. Here are three WaterSense® options to consider.

1. Niagra white earth shower head

Niagra White Earth Shower HeadThis extremely budget-friendly model uses just 4.8 LPM, thanks to patented “pressure-compensating technology” that maintains consistent flow regardless of fluctuations in water pressure. The adjustable head offers three spray settings, plus a nine-jet adjustable massage, ranging from a gentle rain-like sprinkling to a powerful jet or a combination of both. $5.97, walmart.ca

2. Waterpik ecoflow shower heads

Waterpik Ecoflow Shower HeadAlthough best known for its oral-health products, Waterpik also offers almost 100 shower head models, including more than two dozen under their EcoFlow name, which use less than 7.5 LPM. $24.99-$49.99, canadiantire.ca

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3. delta In2ition two-in-one shower head with H2O kinetic technology

Delta In2ition Shower HeadBoth a hand shower and a wall-mounted shower head, this double-duty model from Delta incorporates technology that creates a wave pattern, giving you the feeling of more pressure while saving water. It maxes out at 7.5 LPM and features five spray settings, including a trickling pause function that allows you to lather and shave your legs without wasting water. $110, homedepot.ca

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Other products you might like . . .

Plumpshop deluxe kitchen double swivel aerator

Plumpshop AeratorAn inexpensive faucet aerator gives the impression of generous, high-pressure dispensation while using much less water. Combining water with air, it results in a smoother, quieter stream that reduces splashing and makes quicker work of washing dishes. $16.99, canadiantire.ca

Freegarden rain barrel

Freegarden Rain BarrelHomeowners can also increase their role in water conservation (while lowering energy costs) with a rain barrel. The FreeGarden Rain barrel, complete with a brass spigot and an extension hose, collects up to 200 litres of rainwater from an eavestrough. $79.95, homedepot.ca

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How to install water-saving shower heads and aerators

Make the Switch

If you normally use the heat-dry setting when washing a load of dishes, try de-selecting it. You may find your dishes are every bit as clean, and the long-term result is that if your household averages one dishwasher load each day, you could save up to $37 per year.