Mark MadrygaLast summer, the Lower Mainland suffered a severe drought. Between May and July 2015, total rainfall recorded at Vancouver International Airport was just 36 mm, a record low going back to 1937 (normal for that period is 155 mm).

“The odds of last year happening again are pretty low,” says meteorologist Mark Madryga. Instead, weather-computer models suggest we’ll see “a warmer than average summer, but with some rainy periods in there, too.”

One caveat, however: a record-hot April melted much of the mountain snowpack earlier than expected this year, so water-reservoir levels could be lower than normal.

“Certainly, water restrictions will be a high priority again this year, and they will be every year from now on,” says Madryga. Do your part by watering lawns at night (when restrictions allow), and using targeted sprinklers with automatic shut-offs. Collect rainwater in barrels for watering during dry times.

In hot weather, energy conservation should also be top of mind. Choose ENERGY STAR® fans and air conditioners, and select the right fan for your space. Ceiling and oscillating pedestal fans are best for bedrooms and living rooms while table-style fans work for smaller rooms. Draw window blinds and curtains whenever possible, and crack windows for a cooling cross breeze.