Always forgetting to program your thermostat? Don’t worry; the latest smart thermostats use sensors that detect temperature and movement, generating thousands of data points used to anticipate your routine. When your schedule changes, smart thermostats automatically make adjustments. No more heating or cooling an empty home when the game goes into overtime. Plus you can manage your thermostat from your smartphone and monitor consumption patterns.

This smart thermostat features a slim design and large display. It “learns” by analyzing patterns in data collected by five types of sensors: temperature, humidity, ambient light, near-field activity and far-field activity. For instance, proximity sensors detect when you enter or leave a room during certain times of a day and the thermostat makes temperature adjustments automatically. $329,
Pattern recognition

Smart thermostats typically measure the temperature of the room where they’re located, but Ecobee3 also uses a remote room sensor it factors into its algorithm to get a more accurate calculation of your home’s overall temperature and humidity. Add wireless sensors throughout your home and operate the system through a touch screen or mobile app. Encryption technology ensures your data is protected. $299.99,


Lyric uses outside and inside temperatures and humidity to make automatic adjustments to maintain your home’s comfort. It uses voice-control integration and geofencing technology lets it track your movements through your smartphone’s GPS, enabling it to adjust the heating or cooling before you get home. $279.99,


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Nest’s new smoke and carbon monoxide detector uses six sensors to measure heat, humidity, movement and a fire’s characteristics. Sophisticated sensors use infrared wavelengths to differentiate the particles of smoldering fires from fast-moving flames. The device also speaks and sends alerts to your smartphone. $129,

Nest Protect

This smart lock lets you go keyless, detecting your approach via your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and unlocking the door. Use your smartphone to see who’s at your door, create virtual keys to give guests access during specific times and track data on who enters and exits your home. $299.99,

August Smart Lock


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If you have electric heat, lower your thermostat by two degrees to save 5% on your heating bill. Program your thermostat to 20–21 C during the day; stay cozy by putting on a sweater. Set it to lower to 16°C at night or when you’re away to save 10%. For more, visit