Rainforest device

Home energy monitors

With a home energy monitor, you can track the electricity you use in real time. This helps you understand how and when you're using electricity – allowing you to take the actions needed to reduce your usage and save money. You will be able to detect individual loads in your home by monitoring changes in your usage in real time. The system can also identify your hard-to-detect phantom power usage, helping you save. Turn yourself into a real energy detective with a Rainforest Eagle 200 home energy monitor. Log into your MyHydro account to order one.

Smart home systems

So-called “whole house” home automation systems (ones that go beyond simple security) will also give you real-time data on your energy use, usually right to your smartphone (results may differ from measurements found on MyHydro). You can monitor your thermostat and control lights remotely. Check with your smart home service provider as to what functionality it offers.