Rainforest device

Home energy monitors

You may already be tracking your electricity use online through your MyHydro account. With a home energy monitor, you can track the electricity you use in real time. This helps you understand how and when you're using electricity, as well as the estimated associated costs – allowing you to take the actions needed to reduce your usage and save.
Plus, until Nov. 11, 2018, Team Power Smart members can save even more with a 10% discount and free shipping on the EAGLE-200™ home energy monitor courtesy of Rainforest Automation. Simply check eligibility and follow set-up instructions at the link below, and use promo code TPSWinterReady at checkout. www.bchydro.com/energymonitor

Smart home systems

So-called “whole house” home automation systems (ones that go beyond simple security) will also give you real-time data on your energy use, usually right to your smartphone. You can monitor the temperature in your home and control lights remotely. Check with your smart home service provider as to what services are offered.