Phone app

Philips has been making lighting products for 120 years. Until last year, lighting for the home simply turned on and off. Philips wanted to do more. With Hue, lighting can play a role in our mood and activities. Using an app on your smart phone, you can select up to 16 million different colours to increase concentration or relaxation, based on years of studies on the effect of light on human behaviour, according to an article in Fast Company.

You can also schedule your lights to flick on so it looks like you’re home while you’re on vacation; you can program soft lighting to turn on in the morning to ease you into the day; and if you’re hosting movie night, you can sync your lights to what’s happening onscreen.

Who knows what the future holds for lighting as we know it today, with a screw-in bulb and electrical cord? Maybe we’ll have glowing walls or glowing carpets, or even permanent skylights  that change colour and intensity as the day progresses. At Philips, they continue to push the envelope with innovative technology to improve your health, your sleep and your life.