We round up eight unique apps and devices that help us collect data and give us valuable information about our daily activities, from the time we wake up in the morning to when we’re fast asleep at night.

1. Eight Smart Mattress

Short on shut-eye? The Eight Smart Mattress turns your bed into a smart device, using sensors to track room temperature (program your personal setting from 10 temperature levels) and how many winks you’re getting to help you sleep better.

2. Grow Smart Changing Pad

Hatch Baby’s smart-changing pad adds another dimension to diaper duty with a wireless scale that lets you track your wee one’s weight and other health metrics. 

baby on a changing padHatch Baby

3. Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray

What’s worse, old eggs or no eggs? This intelligent, Wi-Fi-enabled app gives you egg intel on both. It uses blinking LED lights and sends alerts to your smartphone, whether you’re at home or in the grocery aisle shopping for tonight’s quiche. 

4. HAPIfork electronic utensil

Rushing your meals can cause a plateful of problems, from weight gain to acid reflux. This smart utensil’s Slow Control system measures your number of “fork servings” and the time it takes you to eat your meal. Its coaching program motivates you to stick to your mealtime makeover. 

woman eating salad with a HAPIforkHAPIfork

5. Kérastase smart hairbrush

Need a coach to manage your hair’s health? Microphone and conductivity sensors measure things such as temperature and humidity. It sends this data to a dedicated mobile app, offering you tips to help you achieve your #hairgoals.

6. MyHydro online tracking tools

Powerful tools and graphs give you the ability to drill down to the hour on your energy-consumption data (in actual kilowatt hours or dollars and cents) and compare your annual energy use to last year’s.

7. Furbo pet monitor

Is your chihuahua scratching the sofa when you’re not home? This smartphone app lets you monitor and interact with your dog (keep up on his training!) any time. Sensors pick up on barking, sending alerts to your smartphone.

8. LINKA smart bike lock

Cycling to work is safer and hassle-free: no lost keys or fumbling with locks. The smart lock’s sensors detect when you’re near and sends tamper alerts to your smartphone.

bike with a lockLINKA