Strange as it may sound, your favourite pop songs under five minutes could hold the key to reducing water consumption and saving energy.

The temptation to linger in the shower is understandable, but unnecessarily long showers quickly add up. Even with a low-flow shower head that dispenses about 9.5 litres of water per minute, that’s almost 100 litres down the drain in just 10 minutes. But if you time the length of your showers to a much-loved song, you can easily cut that consumption in half. We've selected 10 songs that you can sing in the shower to keep it under 5 minutes.

  1. Eurythmics “Here Comes the Rain Again” 4:56
  2. The Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” 4:54
  3. Justin Timberlake “Cry Me a River” 4:48
  4. TLC “Waterfalls”   4:39
  5. Rihanna “Umbrella” 4:36
  6. The Doobie Brothers “Black Water” 4:21
  7. Blondie “The Tide is High” 4:10
  8. Dolly Parton and Kenny   Rogers “Islands in the   Stream” 4:08
  9. Billy Joel “The River of Dreams” 4:05
  10. Ike and Tina Turner “River Deep Mountain  High” 3:37
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