Take a peek in the attic

House roof graphicYour attic is the easiest and most cost-effective place to add insulation. Check that blown insulation completely covers the ceiling to a depth of at least 25 cm (10 inches). Add insulation to areas with poor coverage (or call a professional contractor to do it). If your insulation is in the form of fibreglass “batts” (pads), ensure that there are no gaps around the batts. Fill in gaps between batts and around wooden joists with loose fill or pieces of fibreglass insulation. If you are unsure or have safety concerns, get your insulation professionally installed.


Insulate your hot water tank and pipes

Hot water tank graphicInsulating your hot water heater and exposed pipes will improve efficiency and make water feel warmer at the tap. Wrap pipes in foam insulating sleeves or fibreglass insulation from your hardware store. Wrap the hot water tank in fibreglass, foam or mineral wool insulation with tape. On gas-fired water heaters, keep foam insulation at least 15 cm away from the flue. If in doubt, call a professional.