Mark MadrygaIt will be another slow start to spring this year, according to meteorologist Mark Madryga, which means cool mornings and evenings for at least the next few weeks. The good news is the days are getting longer, which means more natural light and a dramatic increase in sunshine as we head closer to summer.

“Current long-range computer  forecasts for B.C. suggest  a typical temperature pattern,”  says Madryga. “Due to regular  occurrences of airflow from both  the chilly ocean water to the west,  plus the snow-covered mountains  to the north, average temperatures  into April and even May are  nowhere near the warmth of June,  July and August.”

The average daily temperature in Vancouver in March is a mere 6.9 degrees, says Madryga, rising to 9.4 degrees in April and 12.8 in May.

The good news is that there will  be less need to turn up the thermostat. We can also rely more on  natural light for our indoor activities.  In Vancouver, there are almost  five extra hours of additional daylight between the beginning of March and the end of May.

“Homes with rooms facing  towards the south should take  advantage of the extra warmth to  help heat the home,” Madryga says.  “This leads to a significant reduction  in both indoor and outdoor lighting — and power consumption.”