Security systems are becoming an integral part of today’s smart home, with the latest technology linking locks and video cameras with energy-saving apps. The experts at PC Mag have compiled a list of the best smart home security systems for 2018, many of which are available in Canada. The list includes do-it-yourself (DIY) options as well as those with full-service monitoring. Here are some of their picks you can get here:

1. ADT pulse

ADT Pulse helps consumers secure their homes and manage their energy use remotely — all from an app. The system includes video monitoring, smart locks and other features to adjust your smart lighting and smart thermostats. PC Mag calls it the “most complete, full-featured home-security system” they’ve tested. ADT packages come with three entryway contacts, keychain remote, pet-sensitive detection and a backup battery system. Monitoring packages can start as low as about $35 per month, not including the price of the equipment. Prices and packages vary. You can receive a quote after calling the company and setting up a home evaluation with a consultant.

ADT pulseADT pulse

2. Vivint Smart Home

The Vivint Smart Home system includes home security, energy management and automation features to turn your home or vacation property into a smart home. PC Mag says Vivint has the best video doorbell solution they’ve tested. The system can be managed from your smartphone, voice-controlled using Amazon Echo, or while at home using Vivint’s SkyControl Panel. Forbes magazine has described it as a “one-stop shop to building a smart home.” Vivint’s starter kit costs about $700 and includes a touchscreen SkyControl panel and choice of six smart sensors. Monitoring starts at about $50 per month. Prices and terms may vary.

Vivint Smart HomeVivint Smart Home

3. Wink Lookout

The Wink Lookout is a DIY home security kit that doesn’t require a subscription. It connects with the Wink hub and comes with sensors that can be used for doors or windows, as well as an alarm. All the products communicate through the Wink hub and can be monitored using the Wink app. “The Wink Lookout starter kit gives you everything you need to start monitoring your homes using your smartphone,” says PC Mag. The Wink Lookout is listed for $259 at Prices may vary.

Wink LookoutWink Lookout

Other products you might like . . .

Here are some newer home security products hitting the market:

Nest Secure

The company known for its smart thermostats is now in the home security market. Nest has introduced a range of security products including Nest Guard, which includes an alarm, keypad and motion sensor, while Nest Detect is a sensor that looks out for doors, windows and rooms. Nest Tag is used to arm and disarm without a passcode. The starter pack — which includes one Nest Guard, two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags — will be available in Canada sometime this year for around $625.


Ring Alarm

Makers of the Ring™ Video Doorbell are set to launch Ring Alarm in Canada this summer. The starter kit is less expensive than Nest Secure (about $250) but comes with fewer parts. However, there more products available to tie into the system. The product will be available at and retailers including Costco, Home Depot and Best Buy.