Three things to know about Dave:

He’s a real BC Hydro employee, 2) He’s passionate about helping British Columbians save power and money, and 3) He’s always available to stay for dinner, even on short notice.

Hi, I’m Dave - landing page

Q - Tell us about yourself.

A - I’m BC Hydro’s employee spokesperson, and I love helping British Columbians like you save power and money. You might notice me in various ads and videos online, or see me at transit shelters on your commute to and from work. I’m here to share easy tips and tricks to better manage your energy usage and help you save on your bill.

Q - What do you enjoy most about winter in B.C.?

A - For me, winter is all about being at home for some quality family time. There’s nothing like getting the whole gang together, brewing up a big batch of mulled wine in the bath tub, and roaming the house, arm in arm, looking for draft proofing opportunities to reduce heat loss by up to 10%. Then, maybe we’ll head outside and make snow angels.

Q - What are you doing to get ready?

A - I am stockpiling cardigans for the long, cold winter ahead. Layering up - instead of turning up the thermostat – is a great idea, for a variety of reasons. It can help you save on your winter heating costs, and it can also help disguise those ‘problem areas.’
What’s the simplest way to save energy – and money – when it’s cold out?

One simple way to save is by installing foam gaskets on exterior wall outlets and light switches, to stop cold air from getting in. Incidentally, foam gaskets can make a nice, romantic gift for that special someone – be sure to pick some up for your next big date night!

Q - Can you suggest a fun challenge for the whole family?

A - They always say, the family that upgrades their insulation together, stays cozy and comfortable together! Plus, that family could be eligible for great rebates at If you’ve already upgraded your insulation, I salute you. Maybe order some takeout?

Q - What do you do before you leave the house in winter?

A - One easy tip is to make sure that your thermostats are set to 16 degrees Celsius when you leave the house (or when you’re going to bed). I call it SWEET SIXTEEN. Turning your thermostat down just two degrees can save you up to 10% on your bill. It’s easy for me to remember, because I’ve always resented my parents for not letting me have a lavish sweet sixteen birthday party.

Q - What’s in your emergency kit in case there’s an outage?

A - I’ve got an LED headlamp with replacement batteries, some tea lights and matches, and some ear plugs (to drown out the complaints of my family members until power is restored).