Spring is a time when many people clean out their closets of clothing, furniture and other items they no longer use or need. Instead of sending it to the landfill, try selling it on classified sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji — or giving it away to friends, family and neighbours. Still stuck? Consider giving your unwanted items new life by “upcycling” them. Below are five  examples of things you can upcycle to reduce waste and uncover your more creative side:

1. T-shirt produce bag

Have an old T-shirt you don’t wear but can’t part with? Try turning it into a reusable  produce bag. All you need  is an old T-shirt, scissors,  and some liquid stitch fabric glue. For instructions visit:  deliacreates.com

T-shirt produce bagDelia Creates

2. Light bulb chandelier

Remember that box of burned-out light bulbs you have been planning to take to the curb? Consider repurposing those bulbs by combining them with their still-active peers in a unique-looking chandelier. It’s a creative light fixture that not only illuminates your home but also reduces waste. visit: offbeathome.com

Light bulb chandelierOff Beat Home

3. Books as bookends

Have some old hardcover books you won’t re-read but still love to see on the shelf? Consider turning them into bookends to hold up the other hardcovers and paperbacks  you have yet to get to. It’s the perfect way to give new life  to a damaged or discarded  book. For instructions visit: makezine.com

Books as bookendsMake:

4. Garden planter from an old CD rack

Remember CDs? If you’re a music lover and a bit of a pack rat, chances are you still have a CD shelf somewhere in your home. Why not turn that outdated piece into a planter? Use it for fake flowers or put in the real thing, depending on how green your thumbs are. For instructions visit: claireabellemakes.com

Garden planter from an old CD rackClairabelle Makes

5.  Milk jug lunch box

Prevent your sandwiches from getting squished with this milk jug lunch box. It’s food safe and takes little time and energy to make. You can also use it as a container to organize your odds and ends. For instructions visit: cremedelacraft.com

Milk jug lunch boxCreme de la Craft