Mar 2, 2017
Three charging speeds for electric vehicles

Fuelling up an electric vehicle (EV) is as easy as putting a plug into a socket. The amount and speed of your charge, however, depends on the technology in place. Right now there are about 1,000 public charging stations located in cities and towns across B.C. About 80% of charging...

Feb 28, 2017
Low-impact getaway

Manning Park, located a three-hour drive from Metro Vancouver and the Okanagan Valley, is surrounded by the spectacular Cascade Mountains and filled with glacial lakes and alpine meadows. A new direct current (DC) fast-charging station at Manning Park Resort lets electric vehicle (EV) drivers plug in, making this natural setting...

Feb 26, 2017
Videos: Spring 2017

B.C. isn’t the only place where the appetite for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing fast. Here are three videos that give you a taste of what other countries are doing to move EVs into the mainstream.

Feb 25, 2017
The low-kilowatt diet: B.C. spot prawn boil

Robert Belcham, chef and owner of Campagnolo restaurant, shares an easy recipe, plus tips for buying and prepping this seafood delicacy Yield: Serves 4 as an appetizer; 2 as a meal Ingredients 1 lb B.C. spot prawns 4 slices ginger 1 whole scallion, smashed (crush with the back of a chef’s knife) ½ tbsp. salt 8 cups...

Feb 24, 2017
Going electric

It’s getting easier to crunch the relative costs and benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV).

Feb 22, 2017
Range anxiety

(n.) Apprehension, by a person driving an electric vehicle, around whether the car’s battery has enough range to reach the destination or charging station (leaving the car’s occupants stranded). But a new MIT study estimates that electric cars would meet the needs of 87% of drivers.

Feb 19, 2017
Travel local: Okanagan Valley

A wine-tasting trip to California’s Napa Valley is a popular escape, but B.C.’s Okanagan Valley (aka “Napa North”) triumphs when it comes to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. According to one carbon-footprint calculator, the 2.5-hour flight from Vancouver to San Francisco (return trip for two people), plus the round-trip 144-km drive from...

Feb 18, 2017
Consider an electric lawnmower over gas power

Quieter and much cleaner, the electric lawnmower is looking more and more like the go-to choice. While traditionalists like the gas mower’s ability to take on long, thick turf - and the fact that it’s cordless - there are great electric options, including rechargeable, cordless models. Your neighbours won’t miss...

Feb 17, 2017
Spring eco events

Expand your knowledge of electric vehicles at the Vancouver International Auto Show (March 28–April 2) and take part in the electric vehicle test-drive experience. Outside Metro Vancouver, visit the Powerhouse at Stave Falls Visitor Centre, a National Historic Site that reopens March 1. Need ideas to spruce up your space? Head...

Feb 13, 2017
Mapping EV chargers

Perhaps you’re on the Sunshine Coast and want to find an electric vehicle charging station in Sechelt for your Nissan Leaf or your Kia Soul. Or maybe you want to find out, in real time, whether the EV charging station closest to your weekend home near Kamloops is in use.

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