Oct 16, 2016
High-tech home butlers

Technology with a personality seems like a futuristic idea, but we’re already living with it: Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and OK Google are all smart, responsive personal assistants or “digital butlers” that live in our phones and tablets. These smart assistants are also gaining new ground through expanded functionality. Siri is...

Oct 14, 2016
Diving into data

The most powerful part of smarter living is our access to information. We monitor our personal energy consumption by using apps to watch calories and track our steps with fitness bands. All this data gives us a bigger picture of various aspects of our lives. An online energy gateway delivers the same data-based insight into your home’s energy use. Devices like...

Oct 12, 2016
Videos: Fall 2016

Using technology to manage and monitor our homes extends beyond our borders. We have sourced three video campaigns that show how smart home technology can keep us connected.

Oct 11, 2016
The low-kilowatt diet: Spiced chicken with roasted vegetables

An herbal yogurt marinade tenderizes the chicken thighs. Cooked with colourful carrots and beets it’s a hearty autumn meal.

Oct 10, 2016
Pattern recognition

Always forgetting to program your thermostat? Don’t worry; the latest smart thermostats use sensors that detect temperature and movement, generating thousands of data points used to anticipate your routine. When your schedule changes, smart thermostats automatically make adjustments. No more heating or cooling an empty home when the game goes...

Oct 8, 2016
Smart home

n. A house equipped with products connected by wifi or Bluetooth that communicate with one another and can be controlled remotely to optimize functions such as lighting, temperature and security. Smart products operate interactively and autonomously to “learn” behaviour by analyzing patterns of data collected by the devices.

Oct 7, 2016
Draft-proof your home to reduce heat loss

With a little DIY, you can keep your home cozy while reducing heat loss by up to 10%. Seal up drafty doors and windows with self-adhesive foam insulation and easy-to-apply weatherstripping. Plug cracks along window panes, baseboards, walls and vents with caulk or silicon sealant. Another fast fix to keep heat inside: install...

Oct 7, 2016
Fall eco events

This fall lace up your shoes and run in The Great Climate Race (October 30) in Metro Vancouver—or anywhere! “Virtual” racers can participate in any location by tracking their run and sharing the results online. For ideas you can bring home drop by BC Hydro’s Smart Home, with products provided from...

Oct 7, 2016
If this, then that

As creatures of habit we often follow patterns of behaviour from the minute we wake up in the morning. It’s an automatic life driven by ever-evolving technology that makes us more efficient even as we manage and monitor our lives more than ever. IFTTT, which stands for “If this, then that,”...

Oct 1, 2016
Hydro-electric heritage: Jones Lake

The Fraser Valley is renowned for its farmland, but it’s not all cornfields and flat landscapes. In fact, the water surface of BC Hydro’s Jones Lake Reservoir, hidden between Chilliwack and Hope, sits 600 metres above the Fraser River. This backcountry recreation area also offers a glimpse of B.C.’s hydro-electric heritage. Framed by Mount Cheam, the reservoir stretches 6.4 kilometres, offering plenty of...

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