Mar 18, 2018

A term used to describe the modern trend of turning aspects of our lives into computerized data, and then using this information to monitor, track, analyze and use daily.

Sep 25, 2017
Measured self

(n.) Measuring our lives by self-tracking our activities, typically through the use of wearable devices.

Feb 22, 2017
Range anxiety

(n.) Apprehension, by a person driving an electric vehicle, around whether the car’s battery has enough range to reach the destination or charging station (leaving the car’s occupants stranded). But a new MIT study estimates that electric cars would meet the needs of 87% of drivers.

Oct 8, 2016
Smart home

n. A house equipped with products connected by wifi or Bluetooth that communicate with one another and can be controlled remotely to optimize functions such as lighting, temperature and security. Smart products operate interactively and autonomously to “learn” behaviour by analyzing patterns of data collected by the devices.

Jun 20, 2016
Data lake

n. • An exceptionally large storehouse and processing generator for all types of data, of which the ability to manage that data and execute various tasks simultaneously is thought to be unlimited. Powerhouse companies such as Google and Facebook are said to be believers in the potential of data lakes....

Mar 1, 2016
The internet of things

n. (also referred to as IoT) A network of everyday objects—and people—that are connected to the Internet (and to each other), enabling these objects to collect and exchange data. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group estimates the IoT will consist of nearly 50 billion objects by 2020....

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