Get cash back

This fall, look for rebates on ENERGY STAR® fridges, clothes washers and dryers. Rebates on these items will be available on purchases made between September 30 to November 30, 2016. Check for more details.

Manage your energy

Ready to find out how much energy your home uses, in real time? Rainforest Automation sells energy gateway and energy monitoring devices. Visit to find out how you can order your own Rainforest Automation device.

Exclusive rewards

Log on to your Member Toolbox to enter exclusive member-only contests for a chance to win excellent prizes. And log on regularly—at least once a month—to share your opinions by taking part in our poll. Watch for the results in a future issue of this magazine. And don’t forget to consider starting a reduction challenge. After all, those energy savings add up. Reduce your consumption by 10% and you’ll earn a $50 reward.

Exclusive Rewards