Recycle unused electronics

Appliance iconRarely used electronics, small appliances and power tools may be costing you money by drawing standby power, not to mention taking up valuable space. Unplug them and ease the clutter by dropping them off at your local Return-it Depot, ElectroRecycle drop site or, provided the item is still functional, at a thrift shop or charity that accepts them.

Questions about recycling? Download British Columbia’s Recycling Handbook or search the Recycling Council of B.C.’s online Recyclepedia.

Use smart strips

Smartstrip iconDo you have a tangle of cords behind your entertainment unit, stereo or computer? Organize that mess and buy an advanced power strip to plug them all in at the same place. This will allow you to disconnect all at once during extended absences when your electronics would otherwise be drawing standby power. Higher-quality smart strips will also provide protection against power surges that can damage your gadgets.


Clean vacuum filters

Vacuum iconRemember to empty your vacuum cleaner’s dust collector regularly to ensure it’s running efficiently. When the dust collectors are full, the vacuum has to work harder to pick up dirt.


Keep the fridge running smoothly

Refridgerator iconUnplug your refrigerator and vacuum the dust from the back or bottom coils twice a year. While you’re at it, empty and defrost the freezer to eliminate any ice buildup that will reduce its efficiency.


Get money back

Money back iconFrom April 5 to May 31, BC Hydro is offering the following rebates on new appliance purchases:

  • Save $50 on select ENERGY STAR® clothes washers.
  • Save $25 or $100 on select ENERGY STAR® refrigerators and clothes dryers.
BC Hydro is offering in-store rebates on select ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs from April 5.
Visit to learn more.